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Bermcannon Media: Full service social media creative agency for businesses and brands. Bermcannon Media began in 2001 as a complete creative shop for business print and event marketing. Since 2009 we have expanded to become a full service creative agency — start to finish. We create digital content for our clients that drive results through digital & social media advertising, as well as brand building experiential events.

A selection of current and past include




Higo Sushi


Pro Clean

Pivot Works

Glen Helen

152 Coffee

Dirt Rider

Cylinder Works


The Moto Giveth



Niks Industries

AP Racing








AME Grips

Album Surf

Rocky Mountain ATV MC

Hinson Racing

Industries: Motorcycle | Surfing & Skate | Auto | Fashion | Food | Construction

Since 2001, BermCannon Marketing has built top American and European company brands while stationed in the USA. We handle everything you need to set your company in the right direction and offer a list of custom services based on your budget and marketing needs. By allowing BermCannon to handle the company's individual marketing needs, BermCannon Marketing has saved its clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by preventing them from hiring fulltime employees. It's not hard to get your brand started here in the USA; you just have to know the right people, BermCannon Marketing.

Social Media Marketing / Social Media Management
From creating ad campaigns to managing strategies to keep your ROI high, Bermcannon will put the the full stick of dynamite in your social media campaign. Bermcannon will create and manage your company's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media accounts and create content for your website to keep your customers current with what's going on. Social Media Management for companies is what we do!
YouTube Brand Creation Company
... is the future of all branding and why have focused on building YouTube presence for all our clients. From concept to shoot and edit we can put your brand or company on the YouTube map.
Video Production
We specialize in producing feature-length documentaries, short narrative films, promotional films and commercials both independently and for corporations and non-profits worldwide.
Website Production
From idea to live, we create amazingly custom fit websites to position your brands, sell your products, highlight your strengths, and let you stand out in your competitive industry. Securely built. Highly informative. Effectively manageble.
Media Representation
Magazines and newspapers are major outlets of advertising to promote a company. Through these outlets, we design ad campaigns and create press releases to keep the editors and the public informed regarding your new products, while ensuring that the publications remain up to date with your brand.
Warehouse Logistics
BC Marketing can assist with setting up a warehouse and shipping logistics here in the USA. We have had plenty of experience with our European clients to ensure that this step is carried out properly. This has saved many companies a substantial amount of money, as opposed to purchasing a warehouse.
Catalog Design and Printing
Like Web design, whether it is 10 or 100,000 catalogs, our guys can design a flyers, posters or catalogs and have it printed all in one shot.
Race Team/Athlete Representation
Bermcannon provides complete branding and marketing for athlete and race teams. We generate hype and inform the public on behalf of teams and athletes.
Event Promotion
We will find the right event or public outlet for your company and ensure that you're well represented. Whether it is at a race event, expo, or trade show, even if you are unable to attend, we will make sure everything is taken care of.
Think Tank
Need ideas? Solutions for problems? Give it to us while you do the day to day and we can come back to you with a list of solutions and additional ideas to feed your company's successful fire.

Listing our services only provides a general idea of what we do, but this is only the beginning! Unlike us, there are many companies unable to get customers and the public excited about their product. This is where we come in. The fact is, all of our past and current clients are satisfied because we know how to match the needs of each client independently. No job is too large or small and the reliability is second to none.